Pam Paton
Singer / Songwriter
Pam started playing guitar at ten and started writing her own songs because she could never make other
peoples songs sound right.

Being a creative person, Pam explores genres only
as a starting point for a song. She tends to write her songs in groups that embrace similar themes and stories. Her songs express her life experiences,
lots about relationships … most about relationships.

When Pam creates a song, the music usually comes first, followed by a storyline, then the lyrics. Occasionally the words will present themselves first.
Her songs are rhythm guitar driven with blues, latin, folk and worldbeat influences.

To describe her songwriting "style", one would have
to say eclectic with a common passion for positivity.
She has been trying to write lyrics for a new song
with an angry and unjust storyboard for over a year ...not gonna happen! It will be an instrumental till
the muse appears.

Pam debuted her songs on her second solo CD
"Dancing with the Ancestors"

What folks say ...

"Pam's songs are moving, meaningful, lyrical and contain a rhythm that resonates through you."  Judy Marlin, Ottawa
"Pam's music captures audiences with primal vitality & warmth."  MaryT,  Vancouver, BC
"Pam brings a strength of musicianship and presence to the stage that engages her listeners."  Beth Crosby, Wolfville, NS
"Pam is a dedicated, passionate and authentic musician."  Sandy Morash, Chester, NS

Have a Listen ...

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