Pam Paton

Music has been a driving force in Pam's life.

She studied piano & guitar before she discovered drums at twelve.
Her formal percussion studies began in Cleveland, Ohio focusing
timpani in the junior high school band.

With a move back to Nova Scotia in her late teens, Pam freelanced
with a multitude of bands playing drumset. In her early twenties she
attended Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia (B.Mus.Ed.)
majoring in percussion with Jim Faraday. Pam seized an opportunity
to tour in Ontario and continued performing across Canada and the
USA with bands covering a broad range of musical genres.
In the late seventies, Pam married & raised two sons in Newfoundland
where she also keep her career going by performing and touring with
theatre companies and bands as a drummer and percussionist. She also
worked on songwriting and composing while she taught music privately
and in workshops. She was a founding member of the internationally
known celtic rock band Rawlins Cross performing original music.
During this time, Pam went to Memorial University where she studied
music, theatre and education.

With a move back to Nova Scotia in the early nineties, Pam performed
original songs and compositions on marimba and guitar as a solo artist
and with her band.  One of the highlights was touring across Canada
with her son Chris ( hand drums & percussion ). When they arrived
in Vancouver, BC they joined
the Danny Burns Band as drummer
and percussionist playing Celtic,  Folk
and Newfoundland music.

With the inevitable move back to Nova Scotia,  Pam  continues
her musical
career as a songwriter, composer, marimba player,
drummer,  educator and
hand drum facilitator.


pam paton