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Energetic     *    Mesmerizing    *    Spontaneous    *    Passionate   *   Dynamic
Impressive   *  Delightfully Original   *   Tremendous Rhythm   *   Amazing Musician  

Marimbist Pam Paton stunned the crowd with her energetic jigs and reels as she bobbed in and out
while her mallets flew over the tone bars.   STEPHEN PEDERSEN Arts Reporter

I met Pam about 8 years ago, soon after moving to Nova Scotia. In that time we have had several
opportunities to play together. I find Pam a sensitive, skilled performer, who is keenly aware of what
a song requires to deliver it, rather than using a song to display her many chops. This is a rare quality
in any musician. Pam really listens to  and plays with whatever musicians are involved, blending
dynamics with the groove. 
Morgan Davis

I have been enjoying Pam's music for thirty years or so.  I believe her to be one of the foremost
drummers and marimba players in Atlantic Canada.  
Anita Best

1 stage...1 woman..1 marimba...within moments of Pam Paton taking to the stage the air is filled with
sounds of a marimba playing the tunes of east coast favorites...hands clapping, feet stomping, faces
smiling from one end of the field to the other.  What a mesmerizing sight to see Pam gliding across the
marimba effortlessly, her bare feet keeping the beat, completely in tune with her instrument.  Having
Pam Paton play at Women's Voices Festival was a treat beyond words. Our audience was completely
carried absolute joy!!
   Brenna Rivier   Music Director,  Women's Voices Festival

I am one of your biggest fans.    Olga Milosevich,  CBC

I was intrigued with Pam's marimba performance. Normally, as a sound engineer, I am "too busy"
mixing the sound than taking in the performances. With Pam, this did not happen. I was delighted and
impressed with Pam's artistry on marimba.It was no surprise when Pam also sat in on other festival sets
as a drummer and impressed me with her strong, confident drumming.I recommend to any
music festival to hire Pam to perform. 
Karen Kane   Sound Engineer, North Carolina

She's a percussion master     Steve Winick  Dirty Linen Magazine  USA

Pam's smile, her musical talent, her enthusiasm and her tenacity are only a few of her admirable traits.
We have seen Pam perform over the years in both a solo and group capacity playing either the marimba
or the drums, always beaming and smiling with enthusiasm. She provides a creative interpretation of
her music which is appreciated by her audience and sets her apart from other performers. The last
performance we witnessed was Pam playing the drums ... her drum solo at the end of the set
had everyone's attention and she received (as usual) accolades with a strong applause.
Mary & David Creighton

Pam Paton is a wonderful drummer and a great asset to any band. We have had many great nights
playing music together and I hope to have many more.   
Ronnie MacEachern  (fiddle / guitar / vocals - Klunkers )

The marimba screams South America & things steamy. ...probably the last instrument you'd expect to
apply to celtic traditional music but Pam brings the two seemingly dissident forms into
one outstanding sound.     Fax Magazine  Halifax, NS  

Pam is a superb performer and her skill as a musician impresses listeners as does her
genuinely spontaneous nature.     Starlight Theatre,  Lunenburg, NS

Pam is a dedicated, passionate and authentic musician.  Over the years, she has demonstrated a high
degree of loyalty and perseverance to perfecting her craft – as evidenced in her abilities as a
performer and her level of musicianship. 
Sandy Morash

Pam's music captures audiences with primal vitality & warmth.  She presents her music with professionalism
and imagination.Pam demonstrates an expertise as a musician & performs with  a passion that is
genuine and upbeat .      MaryT,  Vancouver, BC

Pam is the ultimate drummer, to me she can play with anyone,  she even makes me look good.. tons
of power when needed, can be mellow too, but always pro.
Pammie rocks!. Kevin (guitarist - GypsyMinstrelBand )

Pam Paton was a featured performer at one of our monthly Afro-Cuban music nights.  When she joined us
on Marimba,  it was clearly the crowd's favorite piece of the evening.  
Glenn Fraser  ( drummer )

Pam, an enthusiastic and tenacious bandmate, no matter what instrument she is playing.
Kim (keyboardist)

I have played as a bassist with Pam and found her to be a talented all-around musician.  Her drumming
is just wonderful, her marimba playing is excellent and her enthusiasm and stage presence make her
very fun to perform with.   
Pam Patterson

Pam is a wonderful musician.  I had the pleasure of seeing her performance at the Lilac Festival in Calgary,
during a torrential downpour...  she was great.  Pam was playing marimba and the wet weather did not
dampen her chops nor her upbeat delivery.... even while the sound tech was moving cables out of the
running water.   I enjoyed her original pieces and covers too;  surprising on marimba.     
Jody ( bassist )

I saw Pam play drums with her band the Klunkers. Thought she was electrifying !  The music kept us
rocking and we had more fun that night than we'd had in years.
Thanks for an awesome good time BamBam Pam !!!
       Christa Heyne 

Excellent tuition in hand drumming that people received from Pam.  She's very comfortable and sensitive
to the needs of the group and made it lots of fun.     Joyce Kingsford,  Sappho's Choice Retreat 

Pam was like a flash across my consciencness, she reached out and touched the very
soul of our Celtic music.            Danny Burns, Ireland / Vancouver , Canada

“energetic and whimsical are the perfect words to describe this superb performer. As much as her skill as
a musician impresses listeners, so does her genuinely spontaneous nature. She connects with her audiences”
 Shelly Beirsto    Starlight Theatre Lunenburg, NS

Pam is an amazing woman with the ability to sweep the audience into a thoroughly unique musical whorl.
J. Coldwell,  Montreal

Pam's music and her songs speak to the soul of who Pam is. They are moving, meaningful, lyrical and
contain a rhythm that resonates through you.  I have had the privilege of hearing Pam play her marimba
at the Women's Voices Festival and give me a solo performance of her songs. Her music allows me the
freedom to go places that I have not had the chance to visit in a long time.  Judy Marlin, Ottawa

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I am happy to lend my support to marimba player, Pam Paton. I have been following Pam’s career and
have had the pleasure of hearing her perform at the Lunenburg Folk Harbour Festival and at Pier 21 in
Halifax for CBC Radio’s Information Morning Birthday Party. Pam is a passionate musician with impressive
technique. She is truly a master of her instrument.  
Olga Milosevich   Host - CBC Radio     Halifax, Nova Scotia

Every year I enjoy taking in the show, Freezer Jam, where talented performers such as yourself volunteer
their time to  raise funds for the Chester Playhouse.    One number I will always remember is the one you
performed where space  between musicians and audience disappeared. You played this piece on your
marimba in three parts, each one faster and  faster. You managed to get us to the point where we totally
forgot ourselves and became one with the music, tapping and clapping then holding our breath until the
last note.  The greatest memory for me on that night will always be watching you hit the last note then
throwing your marimba sticks in the air as you pirouetted, your bright green blouse  and red hair swirling,
and with arms skyward catching the sticks on their return. Judging by your expression, those sticks arrived
back in your hands by total surprise. Your mouth opened, you threw your head back and laughed with the
sound of deafening applause in the theatre. Many of us in that audience looked at the person next to us to
share that too rare  “moment in music” which was such a treat to experience.
Thank you,  Pam for that memory.       Sincerely yours,    Virginia Bell

I had the pleasure of hearing the Pam and her band at the Mahone Bay Wooden Boat Festival this summer. 
When I say 'hear" - I make a gross understatement. The music encompassed delightfully original & intricate
Celtic tunes, combined with soaring lyrical movements and ditties that drew belly laughs. What the audience
heard  certainly inspired feelings  of privilege of being there 'in the beginning' -  before this Talent becomes
a Canadian hit! What we saw  was a Woman with amazing ability to draw on an extended family of  inspired
performers -  to sweep the audience into a thoroughly unique musical whorl. J. Coldwell  Montreal, Quebec

Thank you for showing me that there is relief from sadness, fatigue and frustration. After working for thirteen
hours, I can leave the hospital, drive to your little house and play drums. I can pound out my feelings without
fear of criticism or ridicule. When it’s time to leave, I’m no less tired, but feel positive, relaxed and happy to
have the “bounce” back in my step. Your initial instruction, then guidance through so many interwoven
rhythms is uplifting and soothing to the spirit. You assess your drummers and give everyone a beat that suits
their level of competence. You stimulate us to progress,  yet allow us to be in a comfortable, confident  place.
I also want you to know how very much I have enjoyed your performances on stage.  Whether it’s playing
drumset, hand drums or the marimba, as a soloist or as a member of a group,  you have always “stood out”
as an incredible talent. You “understand” your instruments and are intuitive and able to read your fellow
musicians.  Even when you “sit in” the audience feels you are part of the unit - it seems like you’ve been to
every rehearsal and they never guess that you were just invited up to play.  Your power and energy in front
of an audience is mesmerizing .....  I remember a performance at the Chester Playhouse when all the young
people seated on the floor in front of the stage,rose as one,  after your final note. They clapped, screamed
and whistled as your mallets flew in the air and somehow found their way back to your hands. It was as
though the audience had pumped their energy into you  and you fired it back tenfold !  With joyful and
heartfelt anticipation, I look forward to your drum circles and performances.   Thank you.

Pam's music and her songs speak to the soul. They are moving, meaningful, lyrical and contain a rhythm
that resonates through you. I have had the privilege of hearing Pam play  at the Women's Voices Festival.
Her music allows me the freedom to go places that I have not had the chance to visit in a long time.
Judy Marlin    President,   Women's Voices Festival  

It was good to see you again, back in town after your travels. I was sorry you cannot stay long enough to
consider a concert date for the Playhouse.  I have fond memories of the excellent concert you performed
at the Chester Playhouse on the release of your CD “Dancing with the Ancestors”. The Celtic marimba
sound you have developed was quite a revelation - and that of course is just part of your wide range of
skills. I am pleased that, throughout your musical career, you have made time to find your own voice
through your original lyrics and melodies. I hope you will continue to write and perform wherever this
next step takes you.   All the best!    Christopher Heide  Managing Director,   Chester Playhouse

Pam Paton brings a strength of musicianship and presence to the stage, that engages and empowers her
listeners to feel part of the potent energy that surrounds her. Pam loses herself in her music, which allows
it to flow, circulate and live in a different mode during each performance. She is sensitive to her audience
and responds accordingly. I highly recommend this percussionist, musician, songwriter, woman,
to music lovers everywhere.  Sincerely,    Beth Crosby     Wolfville, NS

As business members of the community of Lunenburg, Nova Scotia we can only express appreciation for
the work of Pamela.  She has been persistent in her efforts to rouse music in our area, a calling of
tremendous value. We are a growing artists’ community and are certain her efforts have contributed
towards making it a better place to live year by year.  She has particularly contributed by playing at
public gatherings & fundraisers, sometimes for free, through teaching and by providing the service of
high quality, imaginative musical performance for special events. We wish her the very best of luck in
the further pursuit of her career.      Laurie Fisher Huck / Chris Huck       Lunenburg, NS

Pam  kindly donated her talents and time to the South Shore Waldorf School for our first annual Wild
Blossom Festival. Pam performance was terrific. She brought a sense of humour and playfulness to the
stage as well as her stellar musical ability. Her audience interactions were received enthusiastically.
We thank her for her generosity  and recommend her highly for whatever musical ventures she undertakes.
Sincerely,    Allison M. Rew      Wild Blossom Festival Coordinator

I recently held a two day workshop for women and invited Pam Paton to be the hand drum facilitator.
There were fifteen participants with varied drumming experience.The weekend was a great success,
largely due to excellent tuition in rhythm, tuning and jamming (to name a few activities) that people
received from Pam. She was comfortable and sensitive to the needs of the group and made it lots of fun.
I would recommend Pam as a facilitator and certainly hope to invite her back next year for another event.
Joyce Kingsford     Director, Sappho’s Choice Retreat      Pictou County, Nova Scotia

I have been playing with Pam Paton for the past three years in drum circles and accompanying her band
with my didgeridoo. Her energy leading drum circles is infectious and her positive encouragement brings
out everyone’s  best potential whether they are a novice or experienced drummer. Not only are her drum
circles always wonderful learning experiences but more importantly, the are great fun.  Because it is so
easy to transcend all your troubles when playing with Pam, her drum circles are eagerly anticipated and
reluctantly ended. To say Pam is an amazing percussionist would be an understatement as it represents
only a small portion of her talent. With her dynamic marimba stylings, lively guitar and spirited vocals she
combines Pop, Latin and Celtic influences to create her own unique world music. All that, combined with
her attention to detail, is sure to guarantee a mesmerizing performance whenever she sets foot on the
stage.  I am deeply grateful for Pam’s encouragement, trust and invitations to accompany her music with
my didgeridoo. She was the catalyst to bring out my passion for this instrument and share with others.
Paul Newton      Bridgewater, Nova Scotia

For years our son was reluctant to pursue music, after an insensitive music teacher in grade one
humiliated him in class. At the beginning of his grade seven year he was given an Irish bodhran
and having just moved to Lunenburg we managed, after much persuasion, to get him to try
“just one music lesson”. After that first session with Pam, he eagerly took weekly lessons, never
missed a class and became enthused with rhythm and drumming. Pam established a creative
rapport with him which dispelled his previous negativity and enabled him to improve in leaps and
bounds. The following year Pam taught him the djembe drum and introduced him to the experience
of drumming circles which further boosted his confidence and improved his latent musically ability.
Forever, we will be grateful for Pam’s musical influence on our teenage son. She is a talented
energetic hand drum facilitator and performer, and as a teacher she is inspirational.
Yours Sincerely,      S. Sizer & Martin Brennan      Lunenburg, Nova Scotia

Pam was introduced to us in the summer of 1998 by Eva Moore, the former director of the Nova
Scotia Drama League. At that occasion Ms. Paton performed in the show “Herrin’ and Potatoes”
at the Starlight Theatre in Lunenburg under Ms. Moore’s direction.  Already then, Pam impressed
us with her tremendous sense of rhythm and her dedicated engagement in the show.    Later, in
the fall of 1998, she performed again at our theatre in a concert which focused on her virtuosity
with her percussion instruments. Once again we were impressed by her musical talent and feeling
for rhythm.    Pam Paton appears “Rhythm Personified”    and any concert with her participation
will be worth attending!
Ines Torelli & Edi Baur       Directors/Owners of the Starlight Theatre        Lunenburg, Nova Scotia

I have known Pam and her work for over five years. I’ve really enjoyed her music, having hear her
with groups and also as a solo artist. Her energy and involvement in music is very exciting to watch!
I’ve also hired Pam as a drum instructor teaching a group of teachers keen to use the arts in their
curriculum. They were so confident in their abilities to hear rhythm after the workshop. Pam has also
led the drumming for dance workshops that I have participated in. These workshops have been very
popular, in part, due to Pam’s spontaneous response to the work in front of her. I would eagerly go
to any concert Pam was involved in and hire her again for workshops. I recommend her highly for
her professionalism, commitment to music and her warmth and humour.
Jocelyn Cunningham       Actor / Director / Educator        Lunenburg Co, Nova Scotia