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Group Drumming

Unique method for
team building  ...   Great ice breaker at conferences, meetings, parties

Hands on experience to unify groups    ...    Helps participants to work together towards a common goal
Innovative approach to personal & professional development   ...   Great energy boost for any event

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Everyone has Rhythm

Drums are one of the best instruments for non musicians to experience music making and its benefits

Everyone Benefits

Executives,  Managers & Employees of Corporations and Businesses,  Conference & Retreat participants,

Teachers & Students
at all levels of Educational Facilities

Here's Why

Invigorates,  relaxes and energizes   ...   Develops non verbal communication and synergy

Creates a sense of identity within a group and workplace   ...   Encourages team work

Increases productivity and cooperation   ...   Builds confidence

Reinforces team spirit & working together towards a common goal   ...   Enables conflict resolution

Enhances creativity,  imagination,  self expression and  listening skills

Group drumming adds excitement to events and has entertainment value

Drumming has an inherent mood improvement quality which carries on beyond the sessions

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Pam Paton ... Bio

Drum circles, percussion workshops and private instruction have been the focus of Pamís 30 year teaching career.
Pam teaches music to children, teens and adults across Canada and maintains a professional career as a drummer,
composer and marimba player. Her knowledge of the technical and musical aspects of percussion are extensive.
She shares her understanding with both professional musicians and those without any musical background. Her style
of facilitating lets Pam connect with participants to bring out their natural sense of fun and creativity. Pam has an
upbeat and energetic personality. She is flexible and open to explore group dynamics while
maintaining an atmosphere of purpose and direction.

What Clients Are Saying ...

Pamís energy captivated the participants enabling them to move from disorganized noise making to synchronized drumming.
C.Paget ,  Banquet Manager

I highly recommend Pam for her professionalism, commitment to music and her warmth & humour.
J. Cunningham - Actor / Director / Educator

Excellent tuition from Pam. She's very comfortable and sensitive to the needs of the group and made it lots of fun.

J. Kingsford,  Sappho's Choice Retreat

She's a percussion master.
Steve Winick  Dirty Linen Magazine  US

You are brilliant.  Even though I have never tried to drum before,  I found it to be a fun and exhilarating experience.

I couldn't wipe the smile off my face.

Pam,  it was fantastic and you made the whole experience a joy.  You have a way of communicating
with everyone clearly and with an ease that makes all in the group feel comfortable.

It was a fun experience.  I was fascinated at how connected the group was.
Your manner and technique to bring them together was great.


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