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Roots, Folk, Latin, Blues & Worldbeat music that will take you on an extraordinary musical adventure !

Road Trip Boogie was born in Nova Scotia, Canada from an afternoon jam session which was the beginning of a
songwriting extravaganza.  Pam & Liz knew they were on to something
good when folks commented about the
uplifting, enthusiastic energy they brought to the stage
with their ability to engage their audiences.  It all began with
Brazil, a song which introduced
Lizs accordion to the band. Brazil tells a story of a love gone wrong and has become a hit
Road Trip Boogie fans. Since writing their first hit, they have collaborated on an abundance of original songs ....
some completed, some recorded, some still little bits of ideas scribbled on torn
of paper, napkins or whatever
else is handy at the time. These glimpses of ideas are
based on their lives and experiences on the road.

They embarked on a ten month tour across Canada from August 2015 to June 2016....  A wonderful experience.

Pam Paton  - guitar & vocals
Pam is thrilled to be playing guitar and singing with Road Trip Boogie. It very well may be the most rewarding endeavor
since she was captured by the world of creating & performing music! Her career as a musician has spanned several decades
touring, recording and performing all over North America most notably as the drummer with celtic rockers Rawlins Cross
from Newfoundland and as marimba player & singer/songwriter with Celtika and Marimba Stew.  

Liz Powers
  - accordion, harmonicas, melodica & vocals

Liz just recently caught the music bug after participating in an all women's garage band facilitated by Pam.   Liz, a somewhat
subdued gal with a quiet demeanor on stage can surprise her audiences! For example, when she belts out Oh this Puppy Love
Its got a hold on me! in their fast paced blues song Jibber Jaggin based on a high energy Labradoodle!

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Their vocal harmonies, upbeat & engaging personalities, songwriting expertise and creative interpretation of obscure
cover tunes intrigue audiences.  Pam brings the rhythmic drive to the duos sound along with her experience crafting and
arranging songs that illustrate her originality and musical proficiency. Liz adds the melodic aspect of the duos sound
with her heartfelt accordion, melodica and harmonicas that illustrate her artistry and enthusiasm for music.
Their spontaneous banter & storytelling resonates with their audiences as they connect and share their dynamic kinship.


Road Trip Boogie has been performing back to back at festivals, house concerts, theatres,
farmers' markets, restaurants, coffee shops and even a trendy women's clothing shop across Canada.

Treat yourself to a Road Trip Boogie show!


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road trip boogie
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